Why self-motivation is important for education

Many studies have been done in recent years on the reasons why we have low self esteem and why self-motivation is important for education.

Most of these studies have proven that lack of motivation is what is keeping students from achieving their full potential in school. Students who lack motivation to achieve good grades in school are more likely to skip school, less likely to get good grades, and less likely to stay in school long enough to finish school.

Some studies have shown that those students who do not have self motivation end up suffering from a variety of disorders such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Why self motivation is so important for education is because it allows us to make better decisions and learn faster. Without motivation, we will be easily bored with school.

The lack of motivation can also cause us to procrastinate, which affects our grades in school.

Procrastination causes us to not put in the necessary hours for learning. Not only does the lack of motivation affect our grades, it also affects our self-confidence which can cause us to fail at almost anything we attempt.

One of the best ways to ensure that we have high self motivation is through motivation competitions.

Motivation competitions work best when they are run in class. Each student should submit a list of the reasons why they want to win the competition.

If the reason is because they know they are the best, there is little competition to begin with.

If the competition has something to do with gaining a prize, then it needs to be a very good prize. The competition is what drives motivation.



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