How to Measure Success in Business

Your personal effort will determine the success of your business; your passion, devotion, and enthusiasm are the pillars that will motivate you to work on your business every day. By having an insightful blog, you may create a relationship with your visitors in the internet marketing business. Demonstrate your knowledge and build trust with your visitors so that they will feel at ease doing business with you.

What makes an organization really successful? Some important considerations, which are often forgotten. Or seem to be forgotten.

Our software getting better and smarter

We live in a computer age, where software is getting smarter; so many think. We do not always realize that this is not always true. After all, software is nothing more than smart successive rules. logarithms. Which we humans come up with ourselves. Hopefully well thought out. And the latter is not always the case.

Your organization really at the helm

Especially when companies become large and often already are, it is of course very important that a good overview is maintained. Usually it is well thought out how to keep this overview. Often (reasonably) good structures already exist. Systems that have worked like this for years. But what if you don’t measure at all what you think you measure? Or want to measure and know? As a leader of an organization, division or department, you may also wonder who the real leader is? You or your key figures?

Key figures: measuring = knowing!

The indicators to measure organizational success are almost everywhere referred to as KPIs: Key Performance Indicators… But are these KPIs also the right measuring instruments for organizational success? I am also a strong proponent of proper and objective research and measurement within an organization to see whether everything is going well. And where it can be even better. What often strikes me is that these KPIs have become a goal in themselves. And thereby lead a life of its own. And that is why I regularly ask myself: Who is leading whom?

How many people work in your organization?

In my ‘profession’ I often hear how organizations are set up. Which departments an organization has. Which department does what. What is the organizational culture. What other entities/business units there are. How many people work there…

I often catch myself that I always find that very interesting information. But that I also ask far too little: Who are those people who actually work there; sitting behind their desks, walking around? And what are all those individual people doing right now? And that’s where it really gets interesting. We assume that everyone is doing something meaningful. In any case, I really don’t know that… Do you?

And now the real success factors!

Hopefully you will become a fan of this thought. Insofar as you are not already. Of course: all the staff. Everybody! Wherever they’re walking around, whatever they’re doing right now. Without these people, an organization is a completely empty shell. And absolutely nothing happens. And be honest: are you always aware of that? Are you really doing everything you can to make everyone, at every level, feel like they matter? Show everyone that you are genuinely happy that they are helping ‘your’ organization to be successful!



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