How Location Affects The Success Of The Business

Sharad Gupta
3 min readOct 30, 2021


Different factors are important in determining the success of your business and they range from the product or service you offer, the popularity of the brand, the prestige of your business, and believe it or not, its location. This is because a suitable location could significantly improve sales.

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Take into account that starting a business or company is a very important decision in your life, so you must consider all the factors that will help you stand out, so before starting your project you must find the perfect place.

So before choosing the location where you are going to start your business, we recommend that you take into account the following factors:

· Site layout

· Price

· Requirements

· Acquisition method

Think that the better the location, you will get better and faster results, so you should also take the following into account:

The proximity you can have with your customers and with the market, either by commercial area, by the number of inhabitants, socioeconomic and educational level

Make sure it has a good infrastructure, with service providers nearby, basic and communication services, and everything necessary for your operation

Availability of hiring employees from the area

It is also important that after choosing the location that you consider perfect, you decide what type of place you need, either isolated or within an area or shopping center. To choose the best option, take into account the following:

The visibility of the local or office, which has the right style for your business, if there is parking right there or nearby

Pedestrian traffic; remember that the more people pass near you, the easier it will be to attract customers

That there is a good transport infrastructure nearby, that is, that people can easily reach you

The competition that exists within the same area, the ideal is to be located within an area with little competition

Believe it or not, the place where your company or business is located could influence the success or failure of the project you have undertaken.

The importance of your business location

Now, what is a good place? In general terms, it can be said that a good place maximizes the ability of a business to attract customers.

But we must also analyze other factors that you must consider when choosing the location of your business.

Proximity, attractiveness, and ease for customers.

You must analyze in which area of ​​your town it is convenient for you to locate and if a street or area with a lot of traffic of people or vehicles and a very attractive place compensates you. You must also assess the ease of access and parking that the client has.

Presence of the competition.

In principle, it is of interest that there is no competitor in the area of ​​influence, but sometimes, the sum of competitors benefits everyone since this is how a pole of attraction is formed for customers from all over the city.

Proximity to suppliers.

It can help reduce transport costs or use raw materials in better conditions, as in agriculture.


Access to large infrastructures (ports, airports, rail lines) and roads can be essential for the operation of the business. You must value the ease of access for your customers.

Characteristics of the chosen space.

Check that the space complies with the legal regulations and the necessary security measures, that it allows a correct development of your activity, that it has good access and is well connected.



Sharad Gupta